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The Royale Strategy Group is a conglomerate of multiple entities with distinct goals and functions. The primary purpose of the conglomerate is to meet the needs and expectations of our clients while leading the charge towards meeting our clients objectives while exceeding their expected results. The Royale Strategy Group is best known for its Ethical, Unique experience in consulting, outsourcing and talent resourcing on both the Business and Information Technology side. From Main Street to Wall Street, The Royale Strategy Team has you covered! 

Our objective is the delivery and success of your objective(s). Partner with Royale Strategy, a company that puts trust and integrity before dollar and cents. It’s not about filling a seat, it’s about providing you the RIGHT Talent. It’s not about “delaying” a project to secure additional revenue, it’s about completing project(s) on time (if not sooner) within / below budget. Trusting us operational to run your Business as if it's our own. It's about outsourcing a function seamlessly, it's about knowing you picked the right partner......

Fueled By Core Values, Dependability - Integrity - Trust 

Our #chief - Chief Executive Officer of The Royale Strategy Group is dedicated 110% to THE Brand Promise and Core Values of the Company. Leadership starts at the top. It is one of the primary reasons that every potential partnership starts with speaking with our Executive Senior Leadership Team and will continue every step of the way. Are you Ready to experience the Royale Class Revolution? 

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 Lori A. Sottilotta is The Chief Executive Officer of The Royale Strategy Group, otherwise known as the "Chief-ette". The Chief-ette holds a MBA in Business and Informational Technology. Lori is certified as a Project Manager and is a Green Belt Sigma. Our Chief-ette has been a lead senior subject matter expert for the past twenty plus years and has been the leader of The Royale Strategy Group for the last ten years. Our Chief-ette pairs out-of-the-box thinking with tried-and-true consulting skills and let's not forget with a side of comic relief that allows her and her team to deliver top results. Our Chief-ette leads The Royale Strategy Group Team with the approach "Leadership Starts at the Top". Lori is fueled by her A.D.D. , better known as Ambition, Dedication & Drive. Lori works with the team as their leader and not as their boss.

Lori was honored by the International Women’s Association as the recipient of their annual Leadership Award, as Business Woman of the Year 4 times, to say the least. Lori is dedicated and committed to the success of Your Business / Company. 

The Chief-ette has a foundation for success that's set for many decades to come. Join the revolution, by contacting our Chief-ette Today at (877)513-3113

Our Journey Started in April of 2009 in a 10x10 Office (room) in Brooklyn, New York. Back in 2009, when we opened our doors we were called Royale Class Consulting - We Provided IT and Business Consulting to the HEALTHCARE Industry. TODAY are still providing services within the HEALTHCARE Industry, However we now Provide more then Consulting....We provide Outsourcing, Talent Resourcing, Medical Billing, Medical Transportation, Telehealth Services and More...As our Chief-ette built the business she continued consulting assisting other businesses. The Royale Strategy Group is a Leader within the HEALTHCARE Industry! TRSG provides services to any size Company / Business, From Main Street to Wall Street, From Mom and Pop to Corporate 500, From Profit to Non-Profit The Royale Strategy Group has you covered. Our Chief-ette Strides and Specializes in One Thing....EXCELLENCE

***COMING SOON*** Royale Class HomeCare

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