Hi All: Thanks for check out my weekly  where I talk about just about everything “ #theChief_GottaLottatoSay “

My writing is not the “formal” type writing, it is written as a straight shooter, open and honest. My goal was to make it a fun and easy read for all types of audience. I accomplish this by writing as a person instead of CEO. I am a person first! I’m a leader who leads with ethics morals and values with a side of comic relief. If I wasn’t #theChief I most likely would be on Saturday Night Live (maybe).

As the #theChief of The Royale Strategy Group I hope that through my writing you will discover the uniqueness of TRSG and the leadership I bring with it. I intend to show (key word being “show”) how different WE!

Leadership starts at the top. Ask yourself when was the last time you worked with a leader / company that held trust, dependability and integrity to a high level? When did you work with a leader / company that had a 93% job closure rate within 1 week or less. When did you last work with a company that partnered with you on a project that met your objectives and exceeded your expected results? With that...Let’s Talk! 

Until Next Time…I GottaLottatoSay about just about everything….


People Ask What is The Royale Strategy Group, Our reply "It's Not What is The Royale Strategy Group, it's WHO is The Royale Strategy Group - #theChief

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