Thanks for reaching out, but we use a vendor list for our staffing and consulting vendors. Words that almost every Staffing / Consulting Firm has heard. And let’s face it getting on that list is like trying to climb MT. Everest.

So you jump on line to apply. When you begin the process the first section is simple, basic company information – Right? Right, until you get to the part about are you a woman owned business, are you a veteran owned business, do you have red hair, do you like candy etc.… okay the red hair and candy are not part of the questions, but they might as well be. See, it’s not as easy to check off yes, because when you check off yes it will ask for your certification number, another application that many don’t apply for since that application is another climb to the top of the mountain.

Let’s put aside the mountain climbing and let’s talk about why it even matters if the company is owned by veterans or women or minorities or even aliens – yes, I get the “census” part of it, quality control and “politics” around it but how does any of those “qualifications” qualify a company? I am all for groups such as women empowerment, young entrepreneurs, veterans and other committees they are a great way to learn, empower, network and support. However, are they a way to define whether you should partner with a company or not? In my opinion the answer is No, in fact using a vendor list hurts the business – mainly it hurts the department / management that has the need for the “talent” or "project".

It’s time we throw away the “vendor list” and become partners. Many Staffing & Consulting Firms are being passed up just because they didn’t “make the list”. Many of us have heard of Robert Half, Adecco Apex and Kelly Services – to name a few. But How many of you have heard of The Royale Strategy Group ( )? Companies don’t realize that when you retain the “Big Boys / Girls” from the “Vendor List” that the talent comes from companies like The Royale Strategy Group ( ). How? Great question, the vendors that made the list retain (black list) companies like The Royale Strategy Group ( ) to do the recruiting without the credit. Then again, even if the credit was given would companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Coney Island Hospital, John Hopkins (to name a few) use companies like The Royale Strategy Group, No! Why, because their not on the “vendor list”.

“Vendor Lists” need to become a thing of the past. It’ shouldn't be about a list, it should be about a partnership. We should not be judged by a classification / certification numbers or even our financials which is another question they ask in order to qualify for the “list”. From a Healthcare and IT Guru point of view I can tell you that companies like Royale Class Healthcare ( ) an affiliate of The Royale Strategy Group who specializes in Healthcare Staffing, Consulting and Outsourcing. Royale Class Healthcare is a company that is under used as a front runner. As a Chief Officer and a Subject Matter Expert in Healthcare and IT I can guarantee you that Royale Class Healthcare is under used and should be the front-runner for Staffing and Consulting (Projects). 

Recruiting (staffing) and Consulting is a key element to a department / company. The Staff is your backbone to a company’s success. Consulting is the foundation to a successful implementation, testing, automation, training, upgrades, projects and more – with the level of importance, how are we to trust and depend on a general “vendor list”, a list that was approved not for the quality of the company and it's "talent" or it's database, staff and/or their leadership but for their checkbox that indicated a veteran owned, women owned, red haired and or their financial status. As a Women owned business owner / Leadership who can easily make the list by checking off the "right box" or saying I belong to the WBENC I don’t and won’t. I want The Royale Strategy Group ( ) , Royale Class Healthcare ( ) and Royale Class Tech ( ) to be a partner to their clients not a number.

When I write these blogs and or advice articles, I always say what would I want, what would I do, what would I need? I would want a partner not a list. I would want to be able to have freedom as a department, as a manager as a senior executive to select the company that will understand and meet / exceed my objectives. Think about it, would you use a list to pick an employee or would you interview a candidate and select them off their skill set not off there “check box” – last I checked it was illegal to even ask a candidate if they were married, right….?

The Royale Strategy Family not only meets / exceeds our client’s objectives, we exceed their expected results. However, some of you will never experience that or get to know about the TRSG’s triple Eof Success, Excellence, Expertise and Experience – because we didn’t “make the list”. You will however believe the companies that did make the list delivered excellence since they are using companies like Royale Class Healthcare ( ) and Royale Class Tech ( ) (to name a few) to fill your open job orders / project objectives.

In closing – Yes you need a list to control the madness, you need a list for quality control, but it shouldn’t be a “list” it should be a partnership and the partnership shouldn’t be determined by a classification or check box. It should be determined by quality. So maybe next time when you get a call, email or inquiry from a firm that can provide you excellence in staffing, consulting and / or even outsourcing listen to them instead of saying we only work with preferred vendors or we use a list -  you might want to hear them out.

Oh, and FYI you do realize that you’re paying a premium price using “the list” because they are paying the middle-man since companies like The Royale Strategy Group who are the real "recruiter" / Subject Matter Expert behind the list....But let’s table that for another time.

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Until Next Time....I Gotta'Lotta to Say About Everything - #theChief 

"Vendor Lists" - Time to Say Goodbye