We live in turbulent economic times, and focusing on your business is more important now than ever before. The Royale Strategy Group enables you to focus on running your business by handling many of the important, but ultimately secondary tasks that can otherwise distract you from focusing on your core business. At The Royale Strategy Group , we take great pride in supporting you and your business. Often, our clients are pleasantly surprised when they ask us if we can perform a task or provide a service.

We love to just smile and say, “YEAH. WE Have a Division of TRSG That Does That"

The Royale Strategy Group is a conglomerate of multiple entities with distinct goals and functions. The primary purpose of the conglomerate is to meet the needs and expectations of our clients while leading the charge towards meeting our clients objectives while exceeding their expected results. The Royale Strategy Group is best known for its Ethical, Unique and experience in consulting, outsourcing and staffing within Healthcare and IT.

The Royale Strategy Group is continually expanding into new areas and exploring revolutionary new ideas that foster an intuitive and competitive work environment. Leading the charge is our #theChief. #theChief brings educational accomplishments that enhance the vast experience in the areas of strategic management, Information Technology, Business Management and Consulting / Project Management for Healthcare and IT. #theChief has succeeded in leveraging over ten years of business experience at the corporate level. #theChief has a MBA in Business and holds a six sigma greenbelt. Our #chief is a subject matter expert in FACETS™, #theChief has been working on the business side and technological side of FACETS™ since 1999. 

Our leadership has managed to establish the conglomerate successfully while facing numerous challenges that invariably arise from grouping businesses with different agendas and expectations together. The stellar leadership has served as a shining example of the quality of service and leadership that reflects how leadership starts at the top. Check Out our "Royale Family" 

Luck has nothing to do with our success. To paraphrase Mark Twain . "good judgement comes from experience, but experience comes from bad judgment". There is a reason our Competitors, call us when they win bids, projects or have a job requirements - it's because they know we have the experience, knowledge and strength to achieve and exceed business and technology objective(s).

Fueled By Core Values 

Dependability - Integrity - Trust 

Our #chief - Chief Executive Officer of The Royale Strategy Group is dedicated 110% to THE Brand Promise and Core Values of the Company. Leadership starts at the top. It is one of the primary reasons that every potential partnership starts with speaking with our Executive Senior Leadership Team and will continue every step of the way. Are you Ready to experience the Royale Class Revolution? 

About Our Firm

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Crawl, Walk, & Run with US

At The Royale Strategy Group , we have been dedicated to the success of our clients since 2009, and we have had incredible success from East Coast to West Coast and Globally. With multiple locations and an army of Subject Matter Experts and Technology Gurus readily available The Royale Strategy Group has you covered.

Serving clients by delivering a competitive advantage  catapulting Companies to the top of any competitive discussion by allowing you to focus entirely on your business.

​​LEADERSHIP DEDICATED TO DEVELOPMENT​ - The Royale Strategy Group takes pride in the development of our staff. We go to great lengths to hire “A+” players, capable of working at any level of a client organization and being self-sufficient in their areas of expertise. The Royale Strategy Group provides the optimum mix of senior and mid-level talent to each client’s project to deliver outstanding value, return on investment and bottom-line results.