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The Royale Advantage Healthcare Team Business has steam-lined the process and removed the hassles of healthcare administration, leading to enhanced efficiency and performance while saving cost.

Healthcare is always changing. Changes cost money and the healthcare industry suggests that there is a pressure to reduce healthcare delivery costs, implement methods to enhance health plans in increasing the member base, manage regulations, consolidate the healthcare systems, and manage regulatory compliance in the services. Moreover, these mentioned factors are also major drivers for the healthcare business service market.

The healthcare industry is ripe for an overhaul. However, it is often costly, complex, and competitive among the healthcare providers, payers, and even within organizations. In short, we need a smarter healthcare delivery system that is customer-centric, and that truly uses empathy and intelligence to support all services.

In response to this, we are streamlining the service delivery approach and reducing the client cost by offering smart solutions. It will include Robotics Process Automation for all the rule-based processes with defined workflows, industrialized consultation, process with optimization from the first year of operations, and industry-recognized platforms. 

​Healthcare providers face many challenges in their industry and their work can often become hindered by the administrative element of the profession.Invensis, a HIPAA compliant Healthcare BPO Services provider, offers customized solutions to help remove the complexity of these tedious tasks. We don't just aim but we deliver to provide healthcare BPO services and healthcare support services which enrich resource allocation, boost financial performance and increase the effectiveness of providers. With the hassle of healthcare administration removed, you can focus your efforts on what you do best.

The emphasis of our healthcare business process outsourcing services is towards delivering reduced costs. The Royale Healthcare Advantage Team provides a range of healthcare BPO services for insurance carriers, to simplify their processes. Find Out More Today by emailing us at or give us a call direct at (646) 396-0015

  • 99% quality assurance
  • 93.%-97% Claims Pass Rate 
  • Provider Refunds / Recuperation 
  • Reduction In Operational Costs by at Least 40% - 60%

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