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For every good story that our recruiters hear from a candidate, it seems that there are 100 horror stories. Stories about how the staffing industry can be cutthroat, unscrupulous – and in some cases, downright dishonest.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the horror stories about staffing agencies: they don’t treat you well. To them, you’re just a commission. They’re not really working for you - they work for the hiring company. They place you, and then you never hear from them again.

Just writing about it makes me get irritated! I’ve been on that side of the bargain – recruiters that promise me the world, only they have to “check with the client,” and then I don’t hear   back from them for a month. Recruiters that placed me in a contract then were never heard  from again.

This is one of the big reasons that I am so determined that Royale Class will be different. Different from all of those experiences  and  horror  stories.  Royale  Class  recruiters  shouldn’t even really be called “recruiters,” they’re more like “agents.” I want the candidates that Royale  Class is fortunate enough to work with to feel like their recruiter got them  the absolute best      deal they could. I want candidates to know that when they work with Royale Class, they can       rest assured that we’re not going to just place them and forget them. We’re going to actively      look for new opportunities – the right opportunities – opportunities that allow that candidate to grow their skills and experiences. That growth in  skills  and  experience  will allow  the  recruiter, er, Agent, to get them ever better deals for each project that they work on.

If you’re not working with us today – call one of our recruiters and put us to the test. If you  don’t think that we’re different from the other “agencies” (if you don’t know how I feel about  that word, look at our Anti-Staffing Agency posts) – call me directly. I want to know how we can do things better. How we can work more effectively for you. How we can   build a partnership that lasts for years.

As always, connect with me - drop me a line...I would love to hear from you!

​Until Next Time…I GottaLottatoSay about just about everything….


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