It’s accepted that roughly 21 human resource tasks are completed for every new hire you bring on. Managing these tasks will take nearly 53 hours of your staff’s already busy time. After all that time and hassle, there’s still no guarantee that your new employee will fit well within your organization. The Royale Strategy Group contract-to-hire service offers "a hassle-free, worry-free alternative—one that's guaranteed to minimize the hiring risk and save your business time and money"

Let us ease the administrative burden of recruiting, evaluating, screening, and interviewing full-time employees. Just pick up the phone, and we’ll send you highly qualified candidates. Together, we’ll establish an agreed-upon time frame for you to evaluate each candidate on-the-job, and we will retain the individual on our payroll during that time.

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Our Contract to Hire Service is just one of the many Staffing Services we offer at Royale Strategy. It is a service in which the Candidate is Contracted at an agreed upon length of time by you (the client). At the end of that set period, the employer decides if the contractor will be hired as a permanent employee. 

Should you be unsatisfied with the candidate performance during the contractual period the candidate will be replaced. 

During the contractual period The Royale Strategy Groups offers you a way to try out new employees on-the-job before you make a full-time hiring commitment. Our contract-to-hire program gives you the time to evaluate new hires to ensure the right fit – both in skills and in culture – drastically reducing the chances of a bad hire, and dramatically improving your success.

​You can hire the person as a permanent employee after a couple weeks or a couple of months – whenever you’re confident in their abilities. 

Contract to Hire Could Be Your Ideal Solution

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