Our services save you time and frustration with hiring the right person. We provide a select number of pre-screened candidates whose skills precisely match your requirements. We don’t just churn through resumes. We play a critical role in your hiring process

Our team looks at their qualifications, motivations, salary considerations, and other “intangibles.” If we don’t think that they’re a good fit – we won’t send them to you

Our recruiting staff uses proven methods in reaching candidates. Our senior leadership is constantly growing our network through face-to-face interactions

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Committed to Your Success

Our Client Recruiters perform first-level interviews with the candidates that best match your requirements. During this process, we keep you in the loop on any feedback that we get from the candidates, and we can help you effectively manage any objections they may have. When it is time to make an offer, your team at Royale Class Healthcare can help you work through any negotiations. We will be with you every step of the way from the recruitment process all the way through on-boarding. 

Royale Class Healthcare is the partner you can trust to fill openings in your team, strategically fill critical gaps and actively grow your business. You can depend on our team to act with integrity and confidentiality at all times.


At Royale Class Healthcare we have years of knowledge and experience in connecting the right professionals with hiring companies. Our focus is on understanding your company and the position’s qualifications / skills. With that information, we can deliver candidates with the right knowledge and experience. Candidates that can get the job done and fit in with the rest of your team.

We are dedicated to bringing trust, dependability and integrity to the staffing process. We’re mindful that we are working with the most valuable resource our industry offers - people!

We DON'T just give you a stack of resumes.