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TriZetto® Facets™ 

TriZetto ® Facets™ Configuration, Claims Processing, Testing, Implementation Services & MORE.....

In the healthcare industry, your information systems are critical to gaining and keeping a competitive advantage. Royale Class Healthcare specializes in the planning, development, implementation, conversion, training, testing, operation and maintenance of your vital healthcare information systems. Your Royale Class TriZetto® Facets ™ team of expert consultants can help you achieve and exceed your business goals by keeping your projects on time and on budget. 

We know that you've got choices in the industry for this type of expertise. Every day, it seems, there is another healthcare IT consulting firm clamoring for your attention. Your Royale Class team of experts has a combined three decades of experience with TriZetto ® Facets ™.

 Our founder and CEO will make you this promise: 

1. The Royale Class team will get your project completed - on budget and on time - period.

2. No lengthy delays or unforeseen costs - Our CEO's expertise enables her to deliver you a comprehensive project plan that outlines every man hour of the project and every dollar spent. 

To discover how Royale Class Healthcare can help you meet your objectives, project timelines and stay within budgets for your healthcare project, contact our #chief today

TriZetto® Facets™ delivers world-class, healthcare IT solutions that enable healthcare organizations to work more efficiently and collaboratively to deliver better health. TriZetto® solutions help health plans and TPAs increase administrative efficiency, improve the cost and quality of care, and succeed in the retail healthcare market.

Bringing the Business and IT Objective Together, While Executing Your Goals

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