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Let's face it or upwork just doesn't work the way it should for multiple reasons. One of the biggest reasons is the scams. You just don't know who you are speaking to , you don't know who you are trusting your project / task with - you simply just don't know! 

At Royale Class Healthcare we are introducing the New Type of Freelancer - 
"The Royale Freelancer" 


Industry's We Serve


​​​​​The Royale Freelancer 

How We Are Different 

  • NO UP FRONT CREDIT CARDS - Just an Invoice 
  • All our Freelancers are backed by the Royale Healthcare Name 
  • All our Freelancers come with a full background and reference check
  • All our Freelancers must pass 2 types of testing
  • All our Freelancers come with a money back guarantee 
  • All Projects and Tasks are personality overseen by Senior Management  
  • and More....​