• 24/7 Live Support
  • World-class HITRUST certified data center(s)
  • Full Security and Monitoring Systems
  • Monitoring and Management of your systems to fit your schedule
  • Help desk with SLA’s for response times
  • Full Compliance
  • Governance


Partner with The Royale Advantage Team and let us be your agnostic one-stop shop for full-circle healthcare solutions

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  • Focus on your core business, providing healthcare, instead of focusing on IT.
  • Unbiased choice of hosting providers that are aligned with your specific healthcare needs
  • Best in class performance, reliability, security, and scalability to meet your current and future claims administration needs
  • Improve performance and availability by resolving issues faster, improving redundancy and disaster recovery, and keeping technology current.
  • Cost models that track your business revenue and growth
  • Reduce expenses and capital costs and predict ongoing costs more accurately.
  • Improve compliance readiness through high trust certifications providing internal and external audits.
  • Accelerate technology benefits by making new application features available faster.

We are your Unbiased Choice in Hosting Providers, Aligned with your Specific Healthcare Needs & Wants

1. Hosting Advisory

  • Develop a Hosting Strategy that is focused on Business Agility
  • Develop a Roadmap to implement your Hosting Strategy
  • Cost savings AND top line business benefits

2. Provider Sourcing

  • Who is the right Provider for your business and technology needs?

3. Implementation Management

  • Effective migration to the Hosting Provider
  • Insures business benefits are being realized


  • Do you have control of your hosting environment? and how much should you control
  • How agile is your hosting provider?  How long do routine changes take to make and do they keep up with your pace of business?
  • Are you getting the most out of your voice and network investment?
  • Is there room for technology improvements and/or cost savings?


From Industry Leading Healthcare Support to Best-in-Class Applications Management to Agile Full-Service Hosting Providers,

Let The Royale Advantage Team be your Unbiased One-Stop Shop for your Full-Circle Healthcare Solutions.

“THE OTHER GUYS” claim they can achieve faster time-to-market for implementations—22 percent faster, on average, for “the other guys” hosted clients than non-hosted clients.

The Royale Advantage Team Challenges that.

The Royale Advantage Team Challenges "THEM". Not only do we challenge the 22% faster, The Royale Advantage Team will deliver a metric far more important than “faster”..... We deliver Business Agility – the ability for technology environment to rapidly change in response to your business requirements, because Business Agility facilitates operational efficiencies that result in bottom line business benefits.