Email is one of the most basic, but depended on business technologies. It’s been around for what seems like 100 years, and I know that I would be completely lost without it. I’ll let you in on a big IT secret, though: email really isn’t all that secure. To make it more secure companies need to use software scanners and filters that search for malicious content, images and spam. The only problem with that is that these solutions can be incredibly expensive. If you’re in this boat – relax! Consider managed email security.

Managed email security is effectively outsourcing your email security processes to an IT partner. If you’re a small or medium sized business, the thought of securing email can be daunting – especially if the staff and expertise to implement this just doesn’t exist in your organization. That’s where Royale Class Tech (an affiliate of The Royale Strategy Group) comes in.

We can work with you to establish security protocols and to secure your email. We do this by placing a filter in front of your email address. This filter scans each message sent to your email addresses or domains, looking for malicious software, images or even content that contains keywords that are proven to be unsafe. The remaining, safe, email gets sent on to your inbox.

We understand that while security is great, having an email intercepted from an important customer and not delivered can be painful. That’s why we work with you to manage your blacklist (a list of words and/or email addresses that you never want to receive emails from) and your whitelist (a list of words and/or email addresses that you always want to receive emails from). We’ll help you ensure that emails coming into your organization and going out of your business are secure and free of malicious content.

Why managed email security? There’s many reasons why a company might use managed email security, but there are four really common reasons:

You might operate in an industry with strict email regulations.

Many industries, like healthcare, legal and financial industries, have strict government regulations regarding the security of communication. Companies have little or no choice – they must meet security regulations, or face heavy fines. A managed email security partner like Royale Class Tech (an affiliate of The Royale Strategy Group) can help you understand and comply with the regulations.

You might lack an in-house IT department.

You’re probably not surprised to discover that the majority of small to medium sized businesses have a thinly-stretched IT staff – or they have none at all. In either case, you don’t have the staff or the expertise to constantly monitor email security. By working with Royale Class Tech (an affiliate of The Royale Strategy Group), you can free up existing resources and allow the IT staff you do have to focus on other areas.

Standalone solutions are expensive.

Most businesses run on razor-thin margins. Implementing an off-the-shelf solution will take time and in many cases, a lot more money than the business is willing to spend. Because Royale Class Tech (an affiliate of The Royale Strategy Group) manages this service, the costs are predictable, and affordable.

You need a reliable system.

To keep up with the ever-changing landscape, you business needs to be certain that your email system is not only working, but will not suffer downtime related to malicious software or other content in emails. Because these emails are filtered before they get to your system, your business can see nearly 100% uptime of your email system.

Whether you work with The Royale Strategy Group or another IT partner for managed email security, you should look for a number of things:

The system should offer both spam and malware or virus scanning.
They should offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a guarantee stating how secure their systems are. Ideally, no malicious content should make it through.

Do they offer the scanning and security of emails going both into and out of your business?
The security system should be adjustable to meet your specific needs.
The system should be able to scale with the changing needs of your business.
The system provider should have experience with the industry that you work in. This will increase security, while also going one step further and ensuring that the system is both secure and in compliance with regulatory standards, where required.

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