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From Industry Leading Healthcare Support to Best-in-Class Applications Management to Agile Full-Service Hosting Providers,

Let The Royale Advantage Team be your Unbiased One-Stop Shop for your Full-Circle Healthcare Solutions.

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How is your offices and users are connected

The Royale Advantage Team will provide you full visibility into your current environment with a no-cost current state analysis of all your network services

At Royale Strategy we use technology such as SD-WAN. The Team will propose a future state environment with 20-40% avg. cost savings,increased bandwidth, and dedicated support

The Royale Advantage team will provide support in Design, sourcing, implementation and ongoing support for all of your network needs

Partner with The Royale Advantage Team and let us be your agnostic one-stop shop for full-circle healthcare solutions

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Royale Strategy provides Network service connectivity that supports a business’s communications, data, application and monitoring needs (and wants).  Royale Strategy works with 150+ services providers around the world, giving us access to a comprehensive portfolio of services and technologies, allowing us to design high performing, resilient solutions that best address our clients’ unique needs (and wants) at the most competitive rates available. And lets not forget, we have no steak in the game - We Are Your Unbiased Networking Partner 

Network Services Include:

Private Lines: Connections between any two points on a network, transporting data from Point A to Point B.  These modes of communication are a way to connect your locations privately for critical business functions between locations.

Layer 2 Ethernet Private Networks: Layer 2 covers protocols like Ethernet and SONET, which carry IP packets, over LANs or point-to-point WANs.

Private MPLS Networks (Domestic and Global):  MPLS is a type of private telecommunications network. MPLS directs data from one network node to the next based on the shortest (And fastest) paths.  Many clients use MPLS globally to connect their branch offices, headquarters and datacenter locations

SD-WAN and Network Security Services: SD-WAN is an application of software-defined networking technology applied to wide area network connections.  These are used to connect different enterprise locations, often via the public internet, over many global locations.