In the fast-paced world of IT, your business needs access to technology more than ever - but the increasing complexities of data security, “bring your own device” and constant upgrading, updating and patching, an in-house IT staff can simply become more hassle than it’s worth.

Let Royale Class Tech analyze your current IT systems and processes and we will custom-build a proposal especially for you!

Flexible & Amazing
As your company changes in size, volume or strategy, you don’t have to worry about IT management issues because Royale Class flexes with you. If you add fifty work stations, another six servers or relocate a department, our team of project managers and technical resources has more than sufficient capacity to accommodate your change and growth and, we can do it seamlessly. 

Greater Security
Royale Class provides you a greater quality of security because accountability is outside (less chance of internal sabotage issues), security measures are high, strict and consistent and backups are remote and encrypted. We’ve got you covered.
You Work 24/7, We Do, Too
The Royale Class Help Desk is always available for you and your team. We’re just a call, or a click, away - we don’t take a vacation, we don’t get sick, and our multiple locations means that if the weather in Rochester turns frightful - you’re still covered. 

Objective Advice
At Royale Class, our advice is consistently objective. We will always give you a straight, best practice answer because we don’t do office politics not embroiled in office politics.

Consistent Pricing
We’re not going to surprise you with an invoice. You’ll know, up front, the costs of any project. Your monthly support costs are a fixed cost as well. You’re able to count on top-notch service at a fair, fixed price.

Remember - at Royale Class, Outsourcing doesn’t mean Offshoring. 

When you partner with RCC for your IT Management needs, you’re keeping good-paying jobs right here in the United States. Let us analyze your current IT systems and processes and we will custom-build a proposal especially for you!

We’ve Got You Covered
When you work with Royale Class, you don’t have to make IT management equipment and software investments 
or decisions about upgrades, new technology or replacement. At Royale Class, we’ve already invested in enterprise management software, virus protection software, management servers and workstations and redundant backup solutions. 

Space is a Premium
You don’t have to provide a dedicated space for IT staff, and you don’t have to make costly upgrades to existing space, like power, heating and cooling, and specialized fire suppression.

Little or no HR Investment 
You will have to make little or no HR investment as Royale Class has already acquired experienced, dedicated technicians to handle a broad spectrum of your business and technical needs.

Faster, Cheaper, More Consistent
Because of our size and the dedicated staff that we have, chances are, we can carry out IT management processes faster, cheaper, better and more consistently than most in-house staff, because, well, it’s what we do.


10 Reasons You Should Partner with an IT Management Company

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