Healthcare reform has not only changed the way we once conducted healthcare, it forced healthcare companies to upgrade or change their current software systems. While these changes may be positive and necessary, there are only so many changes or new updates that can occur within a legacy program and they often come with significant cost increases which may directly affect you margins.  To understand what changes need to be made and the best way to make them often requires your people resources to take time away from their core business functions to participate in the system evaluation and implementation process.  All of this as business impact to be sure. 

The Royale Strategy group understands Healthcare reform and the changes necessary in order for your business to be in compliance.  We recognize that just because times have changed, technically speaking, it does not mean your core operations have to change.  We leverage our experience to first look to make your business process more efficient and cost-effective.  We have a strong bench of A+ players and IT executives with experience that totals 30+ years with a proven track record of having what it takes to be a part of the RCH Team. Our bench of business and technology experts allows us the flexibility to deliver exactly what you need, when and how you need it.

 With the Full Healthcare Support , The Royale Advantage team doesn’t just comes in to implement, upgrade, apply patches, and provide testing.

 We do this by analyzing your core operations such as: enrolling new members within a certain time frame, processing claims in under 30 days in order to avoid paying interest and assuring that your physicians, hospitals, multi-specialty’s, and IPA’s in order to be sure they are paid correctly the first time.  We deliver the Health Rules software products and their configurations and design and implement all of the interfaces, upgrades and enhancements. Additionally, we deliver all of the project management capability that ensures projects are delivered on time, on-budget, and most importantly, well aligned with the company objectives.

At Royale Strategy, we have developed and built strong partnerships with our clients since 2009. Our ability to react, remain flexible and be alert to changes in the marketplace sets us apart from others in the field. If you need a consultant in 24 hours, you can be sure that we will make it happen. With Royale Strategy, it is never business as usual. It’s a relationship so strong, you will feel like a true partner.  In short, we bring the best in class people resources, applications and hosting solutions that meet all your healthcare business and technology requirements.

Business Meet Technology

Technology Meet the Business

From Project Management, to Implementations, to UPGRADES to Applying PATCHES

Partner with The Royale Advantage Team and let us be your agnostic one-stop shop for full-circle healthcare solutions

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