What is does Anti-Staffing Agency mean,anyway?

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But First, Staff.

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Our Promise To You

When you work with The Royale Strategy, our guidelines and principles are what we live by. We believe in our Values. These are the things that get us up and coming to work every day. Motivation, Drive, Dedication and Commitment. 

EVERY EMPLOYEE and CONTRACTOR OF ROYALE CLASS, INC. is guided by a rigorous code of ethics, beginning with three simple values:




It won’t take you very long in working with us to realize that we’re a bit different. We call it the Royale Strategy difference. We are proud to have those values as our guiding principles. To learn more about the specific principles that guide our staffing process contact us today at (800) 975-5661  or Email us at Recruit@RoyaleStrategy.com


At Royale Strategy we source, screen, qualify and place employees and or contractors (temps) in jobs of every description, from the factory floor to the executive suite, from healthcare to IT and everything in between. Whether your need is extremely specialized or very large, The Royale Strategy Group provides quick access to the right talent. 

Let’s be honest – every business has a couple of things in common: they have a need for staff, a need to make more than they spend and (arguably) the need to constantly reinvent themselves to stay relevant. At Royale Strategy, we have a lot of thoughts (not to mention products and services) that address the need for profits, the need to cut costs, the need to reinvent themselves through branding,
marketing, sales and even technology.

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The There Were The REST

The bad eggs that only cared about milking every billable hour out of the project that they could. #theChiefs career path led her to leave the insurance companies and go to work as a consultant for some of the very agencies we’re talking about. While there,  #theChief experienced more of the same. Project plans that should take two weeks stretched out to two months. Hiring recommendations to bring on additional head-count from the agency, when an in-house developer or business process could make a few changes and eliminate the bottleneck in the system.

This was the start of #theChiefs vision of Royalty. You see, #theChief realized an important truth in business: without a satisfied customer – there WAS no business.

Our Anti-Staffing Manifesto is a formal proclamation of 12 guidelines outlining our approach to staffing services for businesses. These guidelines are the way we think staffing should be. The way we’re working hard to make staffing be. 

Chances are, you’re not going to find these values and this level of commitment in the staffing industry. If you do, please contact us and let us know because, frankly, we think this should serve as a starting point to re-shape the entire industry – and we’re always open to partners in the revolution.

Why staff? Our CEO aka #theChief, worked with tons of staffing, consulting and other kinds of contingent and project-based agencies when #theChief worked for healthcare insurance companies. There were a few good ones; the ones that she was excited to work with and for.