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Hi All: Thanks for check out my weekly  where I talk about just about everything “ #theChief_GottaLottatoSay “

My writing is not the “formal” type writing, it is written as a straight shooter, open and honest. My goal was to make it a fun and easy read for all types of audience. I accomplish this by writing as a person instead of CEO. I am a person first! I’m a leader who leads with ethics morals and values with a side of comic relief. If I wasn’t #theChief I most likely would be on Saturday Night Live (maybe).

As the #theChief-ette of The Royale Strategy Group I hope that through my writing you will discover the uniqueness of TRSG and the leadership I bring with it. I intend to show (key word being “show”) how different WE!

Leadership starts at the top. Ask yourself when was the last time you worked with a leader / company that held trust, dependability and integrity to a high level? When did you work with a leader / company that had a 93% job closure rate within 1 week or less. When did you last work with a company that partnered with you on a project that met your objectives and exceeded your expected results? With that...Let’s Talk! 

Until Next Time…I GottaLottatoSay about just about everything….


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